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Lse Aim Value Hunting

Let’s go on a journey to the Wild West of Lse Aim and dig up some value nuggets!

This blog is dedicated to the Graham-Dodd style of investment on the LSE AIM

Tea & Crumpets

Whats it all about?

Good day Ladies and Gentlemen, i'm happy to welcome you to the website. 
Its being created to provide an open, simple no frills platform for value investors on the LSE Aim market. The site is bare bones to allow whats really important to shine - The ANALYSIS.


No flashing tickers here!, No adds! No nonsense! yes you heard me right, just old fashioned quill, ink and research.

Made for those who like to dive deep for the largest pearls, through the fine art and science of analysis. Here we focus only on the figures and fundamentals, with a long term outlook. So put on your slippers, pick up your pipe and enjoy.

The blog warmly welcomes those who would like to post there own analysis, thoughts & research. Just get in touch with a draft or jump straight into the Forum. Its what its all about.

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Created to share and receive analysis with others

Share a LSE AIM value analysis of a company you found, with like minded individuals. 

Follow the below points for a guidline.

Company history and business

Where's it from and whats it all about?

Financial strength

Facts and Figures


The big wigs


A look under the hood

Outlook & Risks

Where's it going & what are the risks?


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